Poole Removals

Are you moving home and want the process to be as hassle-free as possible? Well, let us take the stress off of your hands at Acorn Removals. We are a Poole removals service that is trustworthy and efficient. We ensure that your possessions will be transferred to your new property with the utmost care and attention. Don’t let moving stress you out – give us a call on 07768 764 596.

First-Class Removals Poole Residents Can Rely On

Starting a fresh chapter in your life by moving home can be an exciting change, but the process is far from it. They say that uprooting properties is one of the most stressful things to do in life, but that will be no longer if you hire Acorn Removals. We provide a stellar service, making us the go-to company for removals in Poole.

The process of our domestic removals begins with a pre-move survey. We cater the plan to suit your situation and make sure that everything is agreed with you in advance. For those of you based in Poole, removals have never been easier. We will not move away from your budget, and we endeavour to exceed expectations.

It is never fun packing your life away due to the amount of time that you need to commit to it. If you don’t have the extra hours, we will do it for you. As part of the removals, Poole clients will be offered a full packing service. Our skilled staff can be trusted to store your items safely, but if you would prefer to do it yourself, feel free!

Once everything is packed, we will move your possessions into our vehicles, covering them with protective blankets. This means that your televisions, mirrors and delicate items will not get scratched or suffer damage. Keep in mind that our removals in Poole service will travel to wherever your new home is based. We have no limitations.

Give Us A Call If You’re Moving Office

Poole RemovalsYou may think that Acorn Removals only caters to domestic clients, but you would be wrong. We are more than happy to help businesses relocate to another office, perhaps in Poole. Removals with us consist of a carefully defined plan. Offices have some expensive equipment, so you can rest assured that we will take care of everything.

We will pack all of your items in specially designed plastic crates, and we have no issue taking apart desks and other furniture. Once again, we are more than happy for you to do it yourself if you prefer. We will deliver the crates directly to you. If you are looking for removals, Poole-based companies should know that we have worked with many commercial clients, including:

  • Professional Institutions
  • Public Authorities
  • Factories
  • Blue Chip Companies
  • And Many More!

Why We Should Be Your Go-To For Removals in Poole

Acorn Removals not only provides a professional and efficient service, but we also have a friendly nature. The company was established by Tony and over the years has gone on to become a top-class service in Poole. Removals can be a stressful process, but we endeavour to keep it hassle-free for you.

It is essential when moving home that you hire a team that is on time and keep to a schedule. With us, you will not have the frustration of having to wait around. For our clients in Poole, removals will be carried out by tradesmen that you can trust, and at the highest standard.

On top of that, you will not have to feel pressured into selecting us as we offer a no-obligation quote. Price is a significant factor when it comes to hiring movers, but we promise to offer like-for-like quotes. We believe that we are perfect for clients in Poole. Removals will never be stressful again with our experts in tow.

If you need more convincing that Acorn Removals is the right option for you, then let us inform you that we have been proud members of Checkatrade since 2013. We have a stellar reputation, so why not add yourself to our list of happy customers?


If you are moving home and need reliable and trustworthy tradesmen, then look no further than Acorn Removals. We cater to clients based in Bournemouth and Poole. Removals come second nature to us, so allow us to eliminate the stress with our impeccable service. Give us a call on 07768 764 596 to get the process started. Alternatively, contact us by filling in our online form.